Next Fashion Designer of Tokyo 2024

Final Screening Event

On March 20th (Wed / Holiday), the Contest Finalist Fashion Show for Next Fashion Designer of Tokyo 2024 was held at Yurakucho Mullion Center Mall.

Selected among more than 1300 applicants in two rounds of screening, 12 designers and designer groups were nominated for the Tokyo Governor's Award (6 in the Free category and 6 in the Inclusive Design category), and 6 were nominated for the Special Selection Award (3 in the Free category and 3 in the Inclusive Design category). These designers presented their works in a fashion show in front of the watchful eyes of the audience.

Following a rigorous evaluation process by the final jury, the Tokyo Governor's Award Grand Prix in the Free category was awarded to Takuto Tachizawa (from Bunka Fashion College). In the Inclusive Design category, the Grand Prix was awarded to Misato Hayamizu (from Tokyo Mode Gakuen).

The participants' sensitivity, skills, and ideas were on full display in this remarkable show, enhanced by all the professional support they received in workshops with specialized advisors and individual sessions with merchandisers, patterners, and designers.

Runway Show

The finalists of the 2nd screening were asked to prepare 3 looks each to present on the runway. Despite the demanding timeline, each finalist was able to deliver exceptional pieces that showcased their conceptual ideas and technical skills. The audience at the venue was captivated by their stunning creations.

  • runwayの様子その1
  • runwayの様子その2
  • runwayの様子その3
  • runwayの様子その4
  • runwayの様子その5
  • runwayの様子その6
  • runwayの様子その7
  • runwayの様子その8
  • runwayの様子その9
  • runwayの様子その10
  • runwayの様子その11
  • runwayの様子その12
  • runwayの様子その13
  • runwayの様子その14
  • runwayの様子その15
  • runwayの様子その16

Talk Show

The event also featured a talk show with judges Yusuke Takahashi, Fumiaki Koizumi, Naoko Kamatani, and special advisor Sakura Kato. They discussed their sentiments after the final judging and shared their thoughts on the significance and value of the award.

  • トークショーの様子その1
  • トークショーの様子その2
  • トークショーの様子その3
  • トークショーの様子その4
  • トークショーの様子その5

Award Ceremony

During the award ceremony, the winners in the Free and Inclusive Design categories received the Special Selection Award from Yusuke Takahashi. Katsuhiko Hibino and Kunihiko Morinaga presented the Governor of Tokyo Award for Excellence in the Free category, and Katsuhiko Hibino and Yumiko Hara presented it in the Inclusive Design category. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike presented the Grand Prix in both categories.

  • 授賞式の様子その1
  • 授賞式の様子その1
  • 授賞式の様子その2
  • 授賞式の様子その3
  • 授賞式の様子その4
  • 授賞式の様子その5
  • 授賞式の様子その6
  • 授賞式の様子その6
  • 授賞式の様子その6
  • 授賞式の様子その6


The day before the runway show, the participants who passed the second round of screening worked backstage, fitting the models and creating detailed styling sheets, which also served as a workshop, as they carried out meticulous final checks before the models appeared on the runway. This intense and challenging process of preparing for the show undoubtedly provided a valuable learning experience for the contest finalists aspiring to build careers in the fashion industry.

  • バックステージの様子その1
  • バックステージの様子その2
  • バックステージの様子その3
  • バックステージの様子その4
  • バックステージの様子その5
  • バックステージの様子その6