Next Fashion Designer of Tokyo

Introduction of the Final Review
Fashion Show

Next Fashion Designer of Tokyo’s Final Review Fashion Show was held on Saturday, March 25 at MARU CUBE, Marunouchi Bldg. 1st floor.
In front of a large audience, four contestants who passed the second stage for the Governor of Tokyo Awards (two in the Freelance category and two in the Inclusive Design category), and 14 contestants who passed the first stage for the Yohji Yamamoto Awards (seven in the Freelance category and seven in the Inclusive Design category), out of over 700 applicants, put on a fashion show.
After a rigorous review by the final judges, President of Tokyo University of the Arts, Professor Katsuhiko Hibino, costume designer Ms. Kazuko Kurosawa, and fashion director Ms. Yumiko Hara, the Governor of Tokyo Awards were awarded to Ms. Hikari Takayama (Bunka Fashion college) for the grand prize in the Freelance category and Ms. Naoko Kawamura (ESMOD JAPON) for the grand prize in the Inclusive Design category.
The show was imbued with the participants’ sensibilities, skills, and thoughts while receiving professional guidance on execution and production.


Each of the successful contestants created a look and presented it on the runway. All the works were based on concepts devised by the contestants and were finished with a high degree of craftsmanship, despite the short production period, and were wonderful creations that fascinated the visitors to the show.

  • runway1
  • runway2
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  • runway6

Dialogue between the judges

A discussion was also held between Ms. Kanako Kajihara, Ms. Yuriko Oda, who judged the first selections, and special adviser of the Inclusive Design category, Ms. Sakura Kato. They discussed their thoughts and impressions of the applicants’ ideas and design skills as they reviewed the designs and pieces.

  • Dialogue between the judges1
  • Dialogue between the judges2
  • Dialogue between the judges3
  • Dialogue between the judges4

Awards ceremony

At the awards ceremony, the Governor of Tokyo Award for Excellence in the Freelance category and in the Inclusive Design category was also presented by Mr. Katsuhiko Hibino, a member of the final jury. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike then awarded the grand prizes in both the Freelance and Inclusive Design.

  • Awards ceremony1
  • Awards ceremony2
  • Awards ceremony3
  • Awards ceremony4
  • Awards ceremony5
  • Awards ceremony6

Backstage notes

Backstage, the successful contestants fitted the models and performed careful final checks right up to the moment they were to appear on the runway. The experience of working on the show in a tense atmosphere was a valuable experience for those who passed the reviews, as they will be actively involved in the fashion industry in the future.

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  • Backstage notes3
  • Backstage notes4
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